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back now..
  VeGeTTa89, May 13 2010

after being fucking exiled from this site i am now back after months of conditioning and training. anyone gives me shit i'm going to eat them alive. Anyone want to be friends, then i say hello to you and hope to talk some real poker with you. I have learned hard lessons in life.

poker is a deceitful game filled with pain, agony and frustration. It is a LONGTERM game. If your in it for the short term get the fuck out NOW. You will loose all your money and you WILL come back for more. i promise you.

i understand why some of you were the way you were to me. I didn't deserve to be here spouting out of my mouth acting like i knew shit when in fact i knew nothing. and I still know nothing. i am improving every single day and looking to learn even more from some of you.

Poker is a learning process. Stand corrected. You cant always be right. Be yourself. Don't try to impress someone who has been in the game for years and has made a fortune playing this game. And don't pout. You can pout all you want but NO ONE gives a fuck about what you have to say.Be in this shit for yourself. thats the real lesson of life and poker.

Hope to see yall in the forums...


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IN EUROPE.LOOKING for Friends for amsterdam.
  VeGeTTa89, Dec 19 2009

I am IN EUROPE. Landed last week from the states. Currently in Frankfurt Germany. I am planning a trip to Amsterdam for new years and i was wondering if there was anyone here in a close by country/city who would like to come. Hit me up at my PMS. I will be checking them regularly and shit. It should be a blast, just trying to find enough people willing to maybe split gas or a hostel or some shit like that. Plus we dont know many people here in germany so it'd be nice to get a group thing going. Amsterdam should be insane on new years. hit me up plzz...

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hit the bubble in daily doller.
  VeGeTTa89, Nov 10 2009

I got ITM in yesterdays daily dollar. I was really high on my pain medication for my back and some weed so I ended up passing out with 8000 chips in around 900th place. I wake up to find that I landed somewhere in 538th NOT BAD. WISH I wouldn't have passed out though, I prob woulda lost anyways but maybe coulda gotten farther into the bubble. This tourney is hardcore. I don't remember what time I passed out at,(Maybe around 12-1.)

538 out of 10000 people, isn't to shabby

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